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Why We Need Tourist Attractions

Tourism plays a very important role when it comes to developing a country or a community and this is because it has very many positive economic effects. In this discussion, we are going to look at the main advantages of tourist attractions and why tourism should be encouraged and in many regions. One major reason why tourists attraction sites are important to an economy or community is because they are able to increase the wealth of the community or the economy and this leads to a higher economic and dependent region in terms of financial matters. It is quite important for a region or community to be able to have dependent individuals who are able to take care of themselves financially and majority of tourist attraction sites are able to provide massive employment in terms of the tourism industry and also other related industries such as transport and this enables individuals to get good jobs that are able to sustain them.

Tourist attractions also lead to increased spending of the locals or the individuals in that particular area and this is a positive thing to the economy because money is able to circulate throughout the economy whether it is foreign or it is the local currency. The verification in the tourism industry is able to bring in a lot of foreign exchange to the community or the economy and its works positively well because it is able to boost the local industries as well. A lot of tourists attractions leads to increased transportation and infrastructure within the area and this is very good because tourists get to enjoy good transportation and accommodation that also enables them to want to return to the community and this also improves the general infrastructure of the community.

The presence of tourists within a specific region or community makes them be able to understand the importance of their culture and history and this encourages them to want to preserve their heritage and also cuisines so that they may be able to share them with more tourists. There is a lot of economic growth that is brought about with tourist attractions and this is because individuals are able to have stability in terms of finances and also through employment and other income-generating projects and this results to a region or a community that ends up being economically dependent. In this chapter, we have been able to discuss the different ways in which tourist attractions have been important to the majority of individuals.

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