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The Relationship Between Trusted Online Reviews and Customers’ Trust.

In the modern society, online shopping is a preference to many individuals who in return make a report via the internet to the manufacturer and other customers to communicate how they feel about a product they bought. Customers heavily rely on online reviews before purchasing a product and manufacturers should aim at getting the best online reviews by offering quality goods and services to attract more customers. It is important for customers to certify that the online reviews for a certain product are reliable and one can depend on them to purchase a certain product.

Despite the fact that online reviews are very important in online marketing, this has been challenged by the existence of fake reviews, this confuses customers as they don’t know who to trust. Rivalry in business is also a source of false online reviews where competing a company makes negative reviews regarding another company’s product and customers should not rely on such reviews. Online reviews have been used to bring down businesses through negative remarks regarding a product basically out of malice and customers should never depend on such reviews. Business managers have discovered that positive online reviews can get them more customers thus customers should be able to identify such businesses to avoid being tricked to purchase useless products.

Inner employees for a manufacturing company are sometimes involved in making online reviews to promote their product, consumers should identify such reviews as they are very detailed and some even include the company’s logo. Online reviews from specialty sites such as pharmaceutical websites may keep off customers from purchasing a good product as they are avenues for people to express their grievances than reporting their findings. Online buyers should not trust online reviews from an individual with no review history and whose reviews are entirely one sided. An online buyer can trust online reviews characterized by a certain flow of complaints or appreciation notes concerning the product of interest and should consider the opinion of the buyers. Genuine online reviews tend to be updated to the recent date and do not follow any order as they are from random people.

Online reviews with feedbacks from the management to the customers are reliable and one can follow the opinion of the reviewers to purchase a product. The choice of words by the reviewers can be used narrow down to only the genuine reviews which do not sound exaggreated. Determination of genuine online reviews is an important stage when carrying out any online business transaction to avoid losses. Negative business reviews should be avoided in all ways as they are known to cause losses in online markets

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